YouTube Jewelry Training Videos

Author: Cynthia Clearwater

Had to lay off the bench for a couple weeks due to a hand injury, so I spent some time on YouTube seeking out jewelry training videos. Here are some of the ones I found helpful. Just type into the YouTube search block the words in quote marks below. I’m sure there are many other valuable YouTube videos so I disclaim any responsibility for choosing just these few!

If you want to be mesmerized watching a master at work, search on YouTube for a user named “scaffoal”. He is Italian so there is no narration but you can still learn a lot just watching him work in 68 videos.


YouTube Channel-Scaffoal, white gold ring soldering

Andrew Berry has 152 videos on his channel “At the Bench”. He is a bit wordy but knows his stuff as a bench jeweler. John Ahr has 212 videos on his “Online Jewelry Academy” channel. He breaks things down into easy steps for you to follow.

Charles Lewton-Brain has a few videos on metalworking techniques at 
“Alberta College of Art and Design” – go to ACADonline and scroll down to Jewelry and Metalworking to find the videos. The video on using the flex shaft as a lathe is really cool.

If you are willing to pay a few dollars for specific instruction on how to make a heart shaped basket setting or how to channel set diamonds for example, check out “Jewelry Training Solutions”. There are lesson previews on YouTube and some free lessons to entice you if you go to the website and register. Individual courses cost from around $15 – $4 AUD. *in June there is a ½ price sale going on for all courses: coupon code”lesson-special”.

Also check out “Nancy LT Hamilton” (slightly wacky personality) and “Soham Harrison” to learn the basics. Hope you have fun and learn some new tips and tricks like I did by spending some time on YouTube.

Soham Harrison

Soham Harrison, Gypsy Setting

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