General Meeting Information
Past Metalsmithing Days
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General Meeting Information


General Meetings take place in March of each year. It is a great opportunity to meet the Board of Directors, get the most up to date information on upcoming events, and network with other members. During the meeting, multiple members present a series of 5-Minute Tips. Topics have ranged from covering your most beloved hammers with baby socks, stretching techniques to keep you making, bench tricks, and much more.

Past presenters have included Rebekah Frank, Ed Lay, Alan Revere, Jack da Silva, Dawn Nakanishi, Deb Lozier, Marilyn da Silva, Harriete Estel Berman, Christine Dhein, David Casella, Davide Bigazzi, Jo-Ann and John Donivan, Edith Sommer, Shana Astrachan, emiko oye — just to name a few!

Past meeting venues have included Nahl Hall at CCA and SOMAarts.

Past Metalsmithing Days

Metalsmithing Day 2019Metalsmithing Day 2019
with demos by Alexis Pavlantos, Arlene Mornick, and Gregg Hessel
CCA Jewelry Studio, Oakland, Ca
March 31, 2019


Metalsmithing Day 2018
with demos by Maya Kini, Alison Antelman, and Curtis Arima
CCA Jewelry Studio, Oakland, Ca
April 8, 2018


Candy Chu

Metalsmithing Day 2017
with demos by Curtis Arima, Jack da Silva, Candy Chu and Raissa Bump
CCA Jewelry Studio, Oakland, Ca
April 23, 2017


Rebekah FrankMetalsmithing Day 2016
with Rebekah Frank, Olivia Shih, and Sher Novak
Lecture by Rebekah Frank
CCA Nahl Hall, Oakland, Ca
April 3, 2016


Want to Present a 5-Minute Tip?

Who doesn’t love tips – bench tips, photography, marketing, quick tips to make life easier in the studio! Got a timesaving favorite tool/technique that you want to share with MAG members –we’d love to hear about it and see it in action! This is a great way to introduce you to our metals community and meet fellow members; plus no pressure; it’s only 5 minutes!

Please email metalartsguildnews