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of people who are skilled, interested, or share in the production and exhibition of metals.

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Everyone is welcome to join: from the beginner to the master craftsperson, teachers and students, metal arts collectors and more. Each member is a vital part of making the Guild work for our community.


We support the work of outstanding metal artists by organizing exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, awarding an annual MAG Community Project Grant, various student scholarships, and offering resources and opportunities for our members.


MAG is a 501(c 3) non-profit, all-volunteer-led arts organization, and we rely on your generosity to help us provide metal related events, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and networking mixers to the membership and community.

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October 2022


  • Jenn Parnell Kirkpatrick
  • Jenn Parnell Kirkpatrick
  • Jenn Parnell Kirkpatrick
  • Jenn Parnell Kirkpatrick
  • Jenn Parnell Kirkpatrick
  • Jenn Parnell Kirkpatrick


Jenn Parnell Kirkpatrick

Board Member
Programs April 2021 – Present

Instagram: jennparnelldesigns

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I moved to the Bay Area in August 2019, leaving the East Coast where I had spent my life and career to that point. I teach at Silvera Jewelry School (physically in Berkeley, but I’ve been teaching from my home studio for almost a year at this point- since early April 2020!), and it’s been quite an adventure being in CA so far! Joe and Anat and teaching have helped anchor me during the pandemic. Developing and getting to expand our teaching offerings has been a real bright spot, I love learning and am constantly wanting to explore new things, and this has been a perfect opportunity for that!

Having the pandemic take hold just as I was just starting to get my feet under me out here has been challenging for sure. I’m still meeting fellow local artists and finding galleries, and want to continue that as well as showing my work at shows when doing things with people becomes more commonplace again! I had just finished unpacking and putting together my studio the day our first shelter-in-place orders came down.

I taught at the Corcoran College of Art in DC, Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, and then the Baltimore Jewelry Center, beginning teaching in 2004. I began my jewelry business in 2000, did craft shows regularly (even with teaching) up until 2008. I went back to get my MFA at that point, as I realized I loved teaching, and I also needed a creative recharge.

There are very few aspects of making and the history of jewelry that I’m not into, and I’m always looking to try something new, explore a new technique, and continue making art. I love doing commission work as making someone’s vision come to reality, and seeing the happiness and meaning that something you made brings to their life is one of the best feelings.

I’m very much looking forward to being more involved in the jewelry community and exploring the Bay Area (and California) as we come out of the pandemic.