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The Metal Arts Guild aims inspire our members and the next generations of designers, educators, artists, and makers in our field. We host various workshop and classes throughout the year focused on specialized topics related to the interests of our membership. Outstanding instructors from around the country are selected for their professional excellence, expertise on the subject taught, and relevance to our membership.

Our workshops and classes are priced to run as close to the actual cost as possible, keeping accessibility in mind. Members receive a special discounted price for workshops and classes.

Past instructors have included Marne Ryan, Cynthia Eid, Dianne Dewey, Charon Kransen, Alan Revere, Deb Lozier, Harriete Estel Berman, Jenny Reeves, NC Black, Marlene Ritchey, and Raissa Bump.

Maker Faire

Each year the Metal Arts Guild collaborates with the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild to co-sponsor a both at Maker Faire in San Mateo, Ca. It’s a thrilling weekend of makers, innovators, DIY, tech, craft, fire, robotics, fashion, science, and art.

It’s your turn to be the instructor! The goal of our booth for this event is community outreach, education, and to raise awareness about the metalsmithing field. MAG and MBMAG members lead fun workshops and demonstrations involving hands on metal techniques that run at various times throughout the weekend long event for both adults and youth. Volunteers participating in the workshops and demonstrations for both Guilds are given free entry to Maker Faire for the day.

Upcoming Workshops/Classes

For upcoming events and the most current dates, please check our Calendar.

Past Workshops/Classes

Jewelry Making and Problem Solving with Unusual Materials with Bob Ebendorf
Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley

Fashion Law Primer: Protecting Your Designs with Rachel Fischbein, Esq.
Presented by California Lawyers for the Arts in collaboration with the Metal Arts Guild – Berkeley, Ca
Steel Fabrication for Jewelers with Sarah Loertscher – Scintillant Studio, San Francisco
Stretches to Keep You Making with Raïssa Bump – San Francisco

Building a Roadmap to Success with Marlene Richey – Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco

Hollow Forms, Beads, & Multiples: Silhouette Dies and Blanking Dies with the Hydraulic Press with Cynthia Eid – The Crucible, Oakland

Marketing Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Promoting Your Jewelry to The Press and Retailers
with Cindy Edelstein – Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco
Sell Your Stuff: How to Make a Living Selling Jewelry Workshop with Jenny Reeves and Mary Blum – San Francisco
Organic Metals: Fusing Sterling Silver with Marne Ryan – San Francisco

Craft Photography in the Digital Age with George Post – San Francisco
Galvanic Etching with NC Black – The Crucible, Oakland
Micro Shell Forming with NC Black – The Crucible, Oakland

Unnaturally Naturally with Lauren Simeoni – Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco
Pewter fabrication and casting with Lisa Slovis
Enameling with Harlan Butt

Etching: A Kitchen Sink Approach with Carol Webb
Reclamation & Rescue with Peter Ostwald

An Artist’s Business Management Forum

CAD/CAM Hands-on Seminar with Vasken Tanielian

Photo-etching & Enameling with Adam Clark & Deb Lozier
Photoshop Workshop with emiko oye: Correcting Digital Images

18k Gold Granulation with Diane Dewey and Kate Short

Chasing & Repousse with Griffe Griffiths
Sand Casting workshop with Reed Easley
Woven Chain Making with David Casella

Beginning Tool Making with Gregg Hessel and David Thorpe
Recipe for Success: Getting YOUR Work Out There with Harriete Estel Berman

Confidence and Creativity: Life coaching with Maria Cristini and Barbara Wieland-Mark

Chain Making with David Casella. One-day session

Seminar for Artists with Charon Kransen

Bench Tricks with Alan Revere
Marketing your work with Harriete Estel Berman