Metal: It’s Only Natural
MAG / NCEG / ACCI Gallery
All Member Show – October 2016


Metals are intense. Typically hard and shiny, they are strong but malleable. They can be stretched, fused, and drawn into fine wire. They can be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without breaking or cracking. They readily carry electricity and heat. Their atoms are in a virtual “sea” of outer electrons that jump from atom to atom. They are stable but possess the ability to change. We depend on their unique natural qualities for industry, commerce… and for art.

For the 2016 MAG / NCEG / ACCI exhibit, all members are invited to create jewelry and sculptural works that explore the boundaries, integration / collision, and diversity of the natural qualities of metal as well as its relation to the natural world. Jewelry, sculpture, conceptual pieces, and works that explore every aspect of Metal are welcome.


ACCI Gallery – 1652 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709


Registration on-line [EntryThingy] – DEADLINE extended to September 12th!
between Monday August 1 and Thursday September 1
Artist/ACCI Consignment Agreement – completed/returned: Thursday September 15

  • Drop-off Artwork: Wednesday, September 28th, 11am-3pm at ACCI
  • Dates of Exhibition: October 1 – October 21
  • Opening reception: Saturday October 8
  • Pick up Artwork: Saturday October 22 at ACCI


Participation: Open to all current active members of MAG, The Enamel Guild of Northern California, and/or ACCI Gallery. You may join in order to participate. Registration deadline is September 1st.

Registration Fee: The Artist pays $35 for entrance in the Exhibition via PayPal.
*Registration fees cover exhibit expenses such as the opening reception, promotional materials, and supplies.

Sales: Exhibited artwork must be for sale. If the Artist’s artwork sells, 50% goes to the Artist and 50% goes to the ACCI Gallery.

Size limitation: All work must fit within a 12 in x 12 in x 12 in space. Approximate size dimensions is acceptable (in the case the work is still in progress).
*If your piece exceeds the size constraints, but you would like for us to consider it, please email Ron at Include an image(s) and the dimensions. We are happy to discuss including larger works and will try to accommodate sculpture and wall pieces, but cannot guarantee that we will have space.

Piece limitation: One piece or one series of up to three pieces is acceptable as long as it fits within the above size limitations.

Have questions? Contact Ron Elson at

Download the Exhibition Announcement and Consignment Contract.

Apply via the Entry Thingy widget below.