MAGrant Recipients


Open only to MAG members, the MAG grant took place annually from 2012-2014 and consisted of $1000 to a MAG member for a Community based project.

MAGrant Recipients

2014 Winner

Raissa Bump, “Bay Area ‘Stretches to Keep You Making’ Project”

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The goal of Bay Area ‘Stretches to Keep You Making’ Project was to bring to the awareness of metals students, teachers, hobbyists and professionals in the Bay Area the importance of ongoing and preventative stretching as part of the studio practice and to teach them stretches that are easy to implement. Our bodies are our primary tool and need to be in good health in order for us to make whatever it is that is our passion. Thanks to the MAG Grant, I created the first version of a stretches booklet and had four workshops within the community. This conversation was broached and I added tools to the community’s toolbox – all of which can enhance the quality of life for our community at large, reduce physical stresses and surgeries and keep individuals making for many years to come.

Broaching this topic within the Bay Area metals community gave me many insights and, since completing the grant, I have moved forward to start a business, Reset, to bring this conversation and these skills to an even larger community. Reset’s mission is to educate individuals and groups to be attentive to their bodies’ signals and to provide them with practical Self-Tuning techniques.

Self-Tuning can be done quickly–you don’t need a trip to the gym or a block of time set aside.
These are simple stretches and exercises that can be done in in-between times of waiting or indecision or in moments you feel stuck. They can be done whenever and wherever without needing any special equipment or prior experience to perform. 

Reset’s techniques are appropriate for all types of people and all ages: creatives and makers, office workers, gardeners, musicians, coffee shop dwellers, mechanics, dog walkers, surgeons, CEOs, and caregivers.

About Raissa
A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Raïssa Bump continued her studies at Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewelry under Giampaolo Babetto. She has been exhibiting her jewelry for over ten years and is skilled at making both intricate one-of-a-kind pieces and beautiful edition collections – all of which speak to her interest in wearable arts, textiles & textile techniques and slow & methodical handwork. Raïssa is a keen observer of her environment, very curious and enjoys adventure–her jewelry is a reflection of this. She collages together her observations into pieces that are bold from a distance, yet draw you in, ask you to look closer and notice subtle details or how light coruscates across surfaces. She is a Certified Forrest Yoga Instructor and part of the Forrest Yoga Hoop of Teachers.


Christine Dhein, “Bay Area Green Jewelry Studio Project”

“The 2013 MAG Community Grant that funded my “Bay Area Green Jewelry Studio Project” allowed me to share my passion and knowledge about eco-friendly studio practices with students in our community. The students’ enthusiasm energized me, and now I am looking forward to expanding the reach of the program. Many thanks to MAG for being the catalyst for making this happen.” Christine Dhein

See the video about Christine’s Bay Area Green Jewelry Studio Project on YouTube
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2007 – 2011

From 2007 – 2011 the MAG grant was awarded for Outstanding Student work in an accredited Metals programs – Please see Scholarships for further detail on past winners.