The Metal Arts Guild (MAG) is an independent, non-profit, educational organization
of people who are skilled, interested, or share in the production and exhibition of metals.

Our Community


Everyone is welcome to join: from the beginner to the master craftsperson, teachers and students, metal arts collectors and more. Each member is a vital part of making the Guild work for our community.


We support the work of outstanding metal artists by organizing exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, awarding an annual MAG Community Project Grant, various student scholarships, and offering resources and opportunities for our members.


MAG is a 501(c 3) non-profit, all-volunteer-led arts organization, and we rely on your generosity to help us provide metal related events, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and networking mixers to the membership and community.

Featured Member

Each month a new Featured Member is chosen from the completed member profiles on our website. Their interview and work is highlighted on our blog and social media. Visit our archive of past Featured Members.

August 2017

  • Curtis H. Arima
  • Curtis H. Arima
  • Curtis H. Arima
  • Curtis H. Arima
  • Curtis H. Arima
  • Curtis H. Arima

Curtis H. Arima

Emeryville, Ca

Tell us a little about yourself.

My mother is a master seamstress, and my father was a mechanical engineer and inventor. My works, their conception, and the way I move through the world reflect their influences.

My mother has a passion to make clothes for people to help them feel comfortable in their own skins, and feel special for any occasion.

Growing up I loved seeing my mother take bolts of fabric and turn it into wedding dresses for to be brides, and watching clients’ faces light up seeing clothes that complimented the lines of their body the first time.

She guides her clients through the process of customizing clothes, helping thems understand aesthetic and the best choices for the project.

I carry her knowledge with me when I do custom work.

Listen carefully to my clients, decipher what they want, use expertise to help guide them through their best options, and create a piece that makes them feel special.